New and Integrated Environmental Solutions

The City of Stockholm has imposed strict environmental requirements on buildings, technical installations and the traffic environment. A special environmental programme was drawn up for Hammarby Sjöstad with the aim of cutting the environmental footprint by half in comparison with an area built in the early 1990s.

The strict environmental requirements demanded completely new environmental solutions and the Hammarby Sjöstad project office employed a new methodology whereby officials from the relevant administrations and authorities formed a unified management team, right from the start of the project. The work was conducted on an interdisciplinary basis, and decision-making processes have consequently been greatly speeded up and the entire project has gone very smoothly. The planning process was unique and led to the creation of new and integrated environmental solutions in which the players’ individual resources could be shared by all.

The Hammarby model

Hammarby Sjöstad has its own eco-cycle, the Hammarby Model, which describes the environmental solutions used for energy, waste, and water & sewage. The Swedish Trade Council has developed a model for sustainable towns – Symbiocity – which is based on the experience gained in developing Hammarby Sjöstad. Find out more at