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Hammarby Sjöstad ekonomisk förening (HSEF) was founded in 2002 by several construction companies like Skanska, Peab, NCC and JM. The aim of the association was to ensure the building of a unified broadband networks based on fiber.

Today, Hammarby Sjöstad has most probably the most developed city in the world with at least two different fibre connections to all properties.

  • One of Sweden’s most modern broadband facilities

    Hammarby Sjöstad has one of Sweden’s most modern broadband facilities. This has given residents of Hammarby Sjöstad a unique opportunity to utilize a genuine broadband via fibre.

  • You as a member decides

    As a member of HSEF, you can influence the services that you wish to access, and by signing joint agreements, we can lower the cost of e.g. broadband, electricity, security and many more.

  • With our frame agreement, associations can reduce their costs

    To reduce our members’ costs, we procured several frame agreements. If you want to know more, please contact us.


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Behzad Farmand live in Brf. Sjöstaden 1. He became Chairman of the Board of HSEF May 2009. Behzad has more than 19 years of IT/telecom industry experience.

Lars lives in Brf. Hammarby Sjö 1 and is self-employed. He has a background as secretary general of the Swedish Urban Network Association and being Marketing Director at Stokab and Enator. He is also included in the Government’s reference for broadband deployment.

Hans-Ove Lindh live in Brf. Farvattnet. He has a background in the IT industry where he has held several managerial position within international sales, services and IT products.

Per Nilsson lives in Brf Hammarby Sjö 1 and joined as a Member of Board in 2016. Per has many years of experience in software sales and business development.

Bengt Lindberg lives in Brf. Sjöpärlan and is involved in the board work. He has a long background in the IT industry with several senior roles in the financial sector.

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